Friday, January 9, 2009

PTA Reflections: WOW!

Our elementary school has the children (who wish to) participate in a National Reflections Program. This year's theme was WOW! My children usually participate. I let them use my camera (very carefully) to take photographs. I love to see their vision. These photos have to be UNALTERED by mom! That is very hard for me {Grin}, but as you can see - the photos that my girls entered this year were wonderful and did not need anything changes. Of course I added the border and the watermark for the blog post! The entries were unaltered!

Who lives in the Northeast {raise your hand}....okay, you can put your hands down. I am sure that it is similar to the midwest too (I know my girlfriend Ang said that they have amazing fall colors in Minnesota and Wisconsin). Isabella went into our front yard and took a photograph of the oak tree looking up. I thought this was an artsy shot! I love the colors. Bella is in first grade. She was given a certificate for her photograph entry.

Karen took off with my camera during the Adirondack Balloon Festival this past September. She captured several beautiful shots, but this was the one she chose to enter in the contest. This is her WOW! entry. She won 3rd place in the school's 3-5th grade entries. Way to go Karen! She is in 5th grade. I love the contrastof the colors and the sky! If you have never been to a hot air balloon festival - you really should find the closest one to you and go. Pack a picnic lunch and bring your camera. You will not be disappointed. It is really an amazing feast for the eyes! Out annual festival is in Glens Falls, NY (usually) the third week in September. It is close to Lake George, NY, and since it is the off season, you can stay at the lake pretty inexpensively! Fall is a beautiful time in Upstate NY!

This is Victoria's entry. She took this photograph at the balloon festival. I literally had to PRY the camera out of Karen's hand to give Victoria a turn. LOL! It's a great shot, don't you think? She won first place! WoooHooo! They sent a note home telling me that the girls were being recognized at the school assembly (which was this afternoon). I had no idea any of them won! So I was thrilled - so was Vickie when she got high fives from all the kids in her class!

Here they are with their certificates. See how they have the same shirt on - each grade wears a different shirt, so when they are in the cafeteria - it looks like a rainbow! Such a cute idea!

Happy Weekend!!!


Misti said...

Very, Very Cool!! Our school participated in that this year too. My kids didn't though. Maybe I can convince them to next time!!

Robin said...


Congratulations to the three of them!!!!

-Robin :)

MichelleY said... are going to have to get those girls their own cameras! They are as creative and talented as their mother! Give the girls a BIG HIGH FIVE from me....would you Bethie! Dang...they are SO cute!

ronee said...

another photo that needs no altering! i love when children are gifted and they just don't even know it!

jen del muro ( said...

those are awesome pics! congrats to your girlies!

Paula said...

How very very proud you must be. They all did a wonderful job but I have to vote for the tree. The wonderful thoughts that had to be going through her mind as she took photos of God's Tree. Give them all a big hug for me.

Cindy Lyles said...

WOW Bethie!!! What talented girls (from their talented mother of course!) and what beautiful photos!!!!!!

Jeanette - said...

Wow - all of these are fabulous! They all have great talent!! Way to go girls!!!

xoxoxo ~Lori said...

Girlies after my own heart! I love to see future photographers! :)


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