Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CHA - Through my eyes....SCS cupcake reception

CHA started out with a fun flight with my BFF Debbie from Albany, NY in the pre-dawn darkness of Satuday.
We made it to California and had a quick lunch with my sister Karen. We rushed over to CHA to get our badges early (but were unsuccessful!) We snuck in anyhow to check out some of the booths.

We met up with Lisa (Johnson), Kendra (Weitstock) and Heather (McNally).

We soon ran into Jenn (Balcer) and Val (Stangle)

Cupcakes - YUM!

Woohooo! I finally met Ellen Hutson! We have known each other for years and finally met in real life on Saturday! What a sweetie!

Here are some of the Hanna Stamps! girls - Amanda (I got to meet her sweet baby), Diana Gibbs (who is just the funniest with a spark of energy!), Adela (sophisticated and fun!) and ME!

Leese (aka Lisa Johnson) is such a sweetie! We had so much fun together at CHA!

I will post more tomorrow!

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