Thursday, January 29, 2009

CHA - January...rubbin' elbows with the famous Peeps!

Imagine total craft immersion! {GLORY!!!!} You walk in the convention center in Anaheim and it is wall to wall crafts! You can see it, hear it, feel it, touch it and even SMELL it (okay - some of the smells were NASTY, but still)! {HEAVEN!!!!} Debbie and I were rushing from place to place with our new aprons (thanks Memory Makers) - our convention bags and boatloads of excitement!

Here are my peeps Joy & Cami from Our Craft Lounge! Talk about a buzz! Can you say sparkle fluff? Love the pink flock!!! I am so *proud* of these two ladies! ROCK ON GIRLS!!!!

I think I actually scared Suze Weinberg! Seriously! I got to the Make and Take table and she was on her last bit of energy and I started screaming. I had to call my friend Cindy to let her know that I was sitting across from THE SUZE WEINBERG. Suze helped me make a ring. Here we are showing it off! {GORGEOUS! -> That's what Suze called the ring, not me!}

This is Wendy Vecchi! She is the "female" T!m Holtz! Her new line Studio490 is a really fun group of stamps! She razzled and dazzled us. Again, I think she was slightly afraid of me - but I warmed her over! By the end of her demo, she was LOVIN' me! She gave me one of her tags and signed my Ranger book "To my BFF Beth!" Now don't worry, I am not dumping Nichole. I have room in my heart for more than one BFF! They both have different styles~


Tim made me the most amazing work of art (his words). You can see that I am holding it up - the tag weighs at least half a pound - I KID YOU NOT! It is amazing - hardware, grungeboard.....I love it! He was amazing and acknowledged IN PUBLIC that Cindy Lyles is his biggest fan! He might have said that just to shut me up! {grin}

He was unbelievably gracious and very approachable!
Thank you for the tag T!m {you ROCK!}!

Is she not the CUTEST THING EVER? Yes - I met Heidi Swapp! She is amazingly talented - WOWed me (like that is a hard thing to do) and made me want to run out and buy her masks and invisible paper! Check out her video on invisibles!

Man I look pale! This is Trudee (I call her T-bird). She was there to color copics! She is actually a rock star and I was able to worm my way up to her and take a photo! She is one of my favs from SCS!

Here is Stamper Sharon! LOVE HER! Sophisticated and Talented! I was so thrilled to finally meet her (and I got to stamp with her at the Just Rite stamp booth!)

Look who I found! Debbie Olson and Lisa Johnson! Papertrey Elite x2!~ Rubbin' shoulders with the big wigs! I think I screamed when I saw Leese the first night and then when Debbie came up to me at the reception, I hugged her (not once, but twice!!!) and let out a few squeals of delight!

Lookie at this shot! Me with Val Stangle, Jenn Balcer,
Cambria Turnbow, Lisa Zappa and Joy Kennedy! Her sister, Joyce (who is stunningly beautiful) is next to Joy!

Thanks for enjoying the journey with me!


Sharon Harnist said...

It was fabulous to finally meet you, Bethie -- you're just as spunky in person as I thought you'd be!

Kate and Jeff Carney said...

What a weird coincidence—my friend works for one of the companies at the show (I think it's Die cuts with a view?). Yet another way the world is so small

Aunt T said...

Thanks so much for sharing your CHA experience with us. I'm hoping to get there one day. It looks like you had a blast.



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