Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wonderful News & Off To CHA!!!

Hey Everyone!

Karen got into Drama Club. She has to read for parts, but she is in the play! Phew! Risk Reward is tough!~ Thanks for all your well wishes and positive prayers/thoughts! She is so appreciative!

I am leaving for CHA in the morning on Saturday. I am so excited. My BFF Debbie is going with me! Woohoo! I am planning on meeting up with some favorite friends and enjoying every moment. I hope to post pictures here - I will bring the mac and the camera - but I am just warning you that I may not be able to get internet access at my sister's house (it didn't work last time)....If I find some fun things - I will be sure to post them when I return! I have a Guest Featured Stamper Hostess this weekend! Can you guess who?


Kate and Jeff Carney said...

Wow! What a risk for Karen and what great news for her as well. I know it's so hard to let them take the step toward the unknown. Best wishes for her to get a reading part from here in the middle of nowhere (aka Central Utah—5000 ft up and nowhere to go :) )

Kim Muhl said...

Congrats to Karen (& you)!! That's such exciting and wonderful news!! As the mom of 2 drama kids (DD is going to major in theater in college) welcome to being a "Drama Mama".


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