Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ice Storm 2008:

We were hit in Upstate NY with quite an ice storm on Thursday. The storm wreaked havoc across the area, downing power lines, breaking limbs on trees and creating treacherous driving conditions. Todd and I went to a wonderful holiday party which was held in the dark! It was actually still very fun (despite no heat!). Who need heat when you have candles, a gas fireplace and cold appetizers (plus alcohol)!!!

I love the beauty of the ice. I am just glad that we didn't have any damage here at the house (especially to all the beautiful pear trees which we planted this summer).

Here are some of the photos from the storm's aftermath...

More photos in my facebook {photo album}


WandaG_CT said...

Your pictures would make such great Christmas Cards!

juliejules said...

Hope you have recovered from the ice, your home looks magical!! Merry Christmas from a blog admirer in the Uk! Jules xx

My Little Space said...

Beth, your photos look stunning, I can't imagine what it is like to have those sort of conditions, but boy does it look so pretty !


Savor the Journey said...

I'm thankful to hear that your family has come through the awful storms well. Ice storms create such immediate danger as well as long-term needs for repair!


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