Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I took this photo tonight to change up my avatars. There are so many freckles on my face. Normally, they fade a bit in the Fall.

I stamped a WHOLE lot today! I cannot wait to share my sneak peeks this week!


Anonymous said...

Your freckles are precious; and if you would get your eyebrows waxed, which would shape them, you would be even MORE beautiful! I couldn't believe the difference once I started doing it myself. Please don't take offense!

QC said...

Hey - *I* take offence to that! Maybe you could have EMAILED Beth that!

I love your eyebrows, Beth...and your freckles. And your hair. Well, heck......ALL OF YOU. AS YOU ARE. *finito*

Hugs girlfriend.....see ya next August???

Mel said...

Oh my word Bethie, if I ever get a blog, remind me not to post a picture of my bikini line! I wouldn't even want to think of they advice I'd get on that one...LOL! Love you, freckles, eyebrows and all!


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