Friday, November 28, 2008

40 Things to be Thankful for....

I did some reflecting on the things I am so thankful for! The top 8 are in order....then it is a mish-mash of thoughts....

1. My faith
2.My husband
3. My six wonderful healthy children (should that be six separate reasons?)
4. My parents, who set such a great example for me with their marriage, their values, their faith and their love...
5. My two amazing brothers, my two beautiful sisters, their spouses.
6. My two neices and my nephew.
7. My best friend Debbie, her husband (Todd's best friend) and their daughters. All of our friends actually....friends that accept us for being the crazy family of 8.......Tasia and Kate, who help me out on a regular basis!
8. My house which shelters me and comforts me year round. Our space, a swingset, a beautiful patio and plenty of room to run.....
9. My children's school. Sometimes I cry when I think of the wonderful things that they are learing in school. They have amazing teachers and wonderful friends.
10. Our community - safe, convenient and a superb place to raise children.
11. Chocolate - I love chocolate!!!!
12. My electric percolator and coffee - every day I start the day with a cup of steaming hot java! Yum! Oh, and french vanilla creamer....double yum!
13. The ocean...I may not get there enough, but I sure do love everything about the beach.
14. The Adirondack Mountains.....there is not a place on earth more beautiful than Upstate NY in Fall (and Summer, and Winter)...spring is kind of yucky and drab....but 3 out of 4 ain't bad!
15. My feather helps me snuggle up tight and sleep well.
16. Ice water. That is my drink of choice lately and I love to crunch ice while watching my evening TV programs.
17. Lounge wear....I love to hang out in not so tight clothes in the evening...
18. Uggs - I have the boots for outside, slippers for inside!
19. High-speed internet - I am *so* impatient that I {heart} my wireless router and my high speed internet - beep beep!
20. A hot shower and indoor plumbing....the thought of going outside to an outhouse in the middle of winter sends a shiver down my spine...CAN YOU IMAGINE?
21. Ice cream....pretty much any flavor will do - my all time favorite - chocolate peanut butter cup!
22. Knowing that my oldest daughter met all four grandparents and three of her great-grandparents.
23. Having a wonderful relationship with my in-laws while they were alive. Knowing that they are looking down on me and my family with a smile!
24. Living in the USA! Knowing that I am safe and that this is the most wonderful country to raise my family. GOD BLESS THE USA!
25. My made me think out of the box and learn life lessons...having the opportunity to go to college.....get my degrees....
26. The smell of a real wood burning fire, either at camp, or in our fire pit in the backyard....
27. The way my kids get so excited to eat popcorn while watching a movie.
28. The innocence of my children....
29. Fall leaves that turn the most stunning shades of reds, golds and browns
30. Blue Hydrangea in the summer, mums in the winter...roses anytime!
31. My vans - the Honda for everyday driving and Greased Lightnin' for hauling EVERYONE around!
32. My stamp room - a place where I can shut the door and get in a zone! It's a space just for me! In my crazy, busy world, I need a retreat where I can just go and create!
33. The computer - which allows me to do SO MUCH! I {heart} my mac! I love my adobe photoshop CS3 too! Google is such an invaluable resource for me - I am on Google several times a day.
34. My canon rebel! It has captured so many memories for me!
35. Stampin' Up!, Hanna Stamps!, Kitchen Sink Stamps, Our Craft Lounge,and PaperTrey Ink Stamp companies for making the most amazing products. They have made me more creative than I could ever imagine. I love that each company offers me a little something different.
36. Splitcoast Stampers - and my weekly challenge - I love making people stamp out of their comfort zone - and I love SCS as a resource for my stamping! Finding so many of my online friends there!!!!
37. Todd's work and his clients - who trust that my amazing husband will take care of them
38. The NY Giants, NY Yankees and NY Rangers. They make my heart skip a beat, they make me proud to be a NY'er and I love when they win! It hurts when they lose, but they make me stand up, cheer and shout more times that I could have ever imagined!
39. DVR - which is just the BEST invention EVAH (except for the coffee pot and computer) - I love watching My Giants on DVR! And all my shows! I love the DVR!
40. Music and listening to my children sing.

Gosh, I could go on and on...but since I am 40...I think a top 40 list is a great start....

What are you most thankful for???

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