Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! We had a long few days with parties, parades and trick-or-treating. We have an annual party here at our house for the neighborhood kids. We have dinner (my famous mac & cheese), then head out to beg the neighbors for high carb treats. Here are some pictures from this whirlwind of a few days...

Karen and I decorated this pumpkin for her class. Pearl white paint with black polkadots. Some ribbon....very fun!
Karen (vampire) watches the little kids march in the parade. 5th Graders do not march :(
They have to prepare for when they are in middle school and they don't get to march!
She had fun!
It was gorgeous weather here in Upstate NY. I think it got close to 60* (it said 64* on the thermometer in Greased Lightnin').

Xavier (red power ranger), Genevieve (ladybug), Sophia (black cat)

Here I am at the parade! I was waving to Xavier and Sophie (who were with my folks).
Xavier at the preschool festivities. Put the "eye" on the jack-o-lantern.

Xavier got a bat at the face-painting table.

Victoria (cowgirl) in the school parade.

Sophie got this eyeball eraser in her goodie bag. Look what my clever girl did! LOL!

Sophie and Evie at the preschool party.
Sophie beading at the preschool party. Lucky girl got to go to her and her brother's party (two days in a row....JACKPOT!)
here are Bella (witch) and I in the school parade.
This is the neighborhood gang. We eat homemade pizza, mac & cheese and had some cider and donuts. (does anyone else get apple cider donuts in their area?). YUM!

We did trick or treating in the neighborhood and then CRASHED!

What are some of your Halloween traditions?


MichelleY said... looks like the Silaika family had a BLAST this halloween. Your children are adorable. LOVE....simply LOVE the pic with Sophie and the eyeball....too funny. Also, the pearl pumpkin is tre chic! What a pretty pumpkin....and that's saying a lot since pretty and pumpkin are rarely in the same sentence.

Have a relaxing day, Bethie!!

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun. I love the pictures. The pearly pumpkin is terrific. We just moved so our traditions will have to be different next year. Love all that you and your kids did.
Dawn B.

Chriss Rollins said...

a whole lotta fun going on there.
love the different look on your pumpkin
chriss x


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