Friday, October 3, 2008

Design Work: Update

I want to thank all my customers for their patience. I am resuming my Design Work on Monday. This weekend I am going down to New York City with some girlfriends to see a Broadway Show and celebrate my 400th birthday the first anniversary of my 39th birthday! We have dinner reservations at Nobu 57 after the show!!!! I am so excited to go to New York. I haven't been in a long time and I have never been without Todd. The good thing, my girlfriend Lisa knows the city really well because she lived there for years, so I am not nervous at all! I hope to take some fun pictures to share!

If you have any questions or concerns about your design work, please contact me at


Dale said...

WOW have a great weekend Beth. You deserve it.

Dawnie said...

OMGosh, you absolutely do NOT look 40! Oh, I'm sorry, you don't look like you're celebrating the anniversary of your 39th birthday. :) Happy Birthday, hope you had a blast! By the way, I was perusing blogs and found this great banner that caught my eye. I emailed the author to ask who had done it for her: YOU! It has a chocolate lab as part of it and I just love it! I know I need to break down & hire you but am holding out due to $$$ (I have none). Maybe a Christmas present to myself this December???

Lynn Mercurio said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Beth. I hope you had a fabulous time on your trip. Nothing could better distract from turning 40 than a girls weekend. (spoken from someone who is WELL past that number *grin*) Blessing to you on your special day!

Neva said...

woohoo Beth, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY/BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a marvelous time this weekend and enjoy YOUR day today. Make everyone around you wait on you hand and foot. teehee


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