Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Allow me a moment to brag!

What a week we had! My husband Todd was named to Barron's Magazine list of the Top 1000 Financial Advisors. (for you stampers - it is like being named to the Paper Crafts elite).

in a press release:

Todd Silaika of the Merrill Lynch Financial Advisory Team, the SIRICA Group, has been recognized by Barron's Magazine as one of the
"nation's best financial advisers". He works for the Southern Saratoga office of Merrill Lynch, located in Clifton Park, NY. He is part of the six person SIRICA group. The group helps clients manage expectations and successfully maneuver through major financial transitions and life events.

Barron's Article: Top 1000 Financial Advisers

List of New York Advisers

How cool is that?


Aunt T said...

How exciting Beth. Congrats to your DH. Our youngest DS is just finishing his 18 month training program with a financial advising firm. I showed him your post and he asked how long before I thought he'd make the list :) Hmmm - maybe he'll set himself a lofty goal! Congrats again - you and your family should be very proud.


diane mcvey said...

Congratulations to Todd~~and all of you! What a great honor. And it's so nice that you are proud of him...men must have respect, and you give it to him. You are a GREAT wife! (and Mom, of course!) I'm happy for ALL of you! :D

Amanda said...

Cool!! Kudos to Todd and his strong supportive wife too! :)

Julia said...

Congratulations! So wonderful when your family succeeds!

Lorie said...

That is very cool! Congrats to Todd and you you...the person who backs him up! :o)

Anonymous said...

My heartiest congratulations to your husband. It has to have been a very difficult time for you both. I'm so glad that this happened for you both.


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