Sunday, October 11, 2009

Phew! {Catches breath}

October is such a crazy month for me! I am working on all kinds of projects and this happens to be the beginning of birthday season! Last Sunday Todd and I went to Boston with friends to meet up with some high school friends. We went to the Patriot/Ravens game and really had a great time. Although I am a Giants fan, we really enjoyed watching the game. Todd was able to get 29th row - FIFTY yard line seats. I could smell Randy Moss (and he sure stinks)....just kidding! He did pretty good! We cheered for the home team (because we wanted to get out of there alive!). We enjoyed watching Tom Brady!
Wednesday, Victoria turned 10 and I turned 25 (well, Bella said I could be 25 this year, I am really a smidge older than that).
-- here she is with Grandma and Grandpa just before we left for dinner and a concert (Keith Urban and Sugarland). We were lucky enough to be sitting in the section where Keith came and sang (once in front of us on the floor, once a few rows behind us at the end of our aisle!).

It's fire safety week here in NY - firefighters have been visiting the school and at preschool - we went to visit the firehouse! Fun stuff! They even had a blood hound (search dog). Sophie called it a bloody murder dog....Maybe she watches too much tv!?!?!

Friday, I surprised the girls with tickets to David Cook. He came to a local club and there were many crazed fans (older women) who refused to let the girls move in front of them (it was a standing room only show). There were very few young girls there (which surprised me) ad one woman actually made a comment about my parental judgement because I brought the girls to the show. She told me there would be a mosh pit and they would get injured (really? David Cook?)....some of the women (who I can only describe as the Cougar crowd) were vicious. We ended up going to the side of the room where the was a half wall. The other side of the wall had all the equipment and the side of the stage. The sweetest security guard took pity on their height he brought the three girls over to the other side of the half wall....and then escorted them to the front row, side of the stage...where they had the best seats in the house. When David (who rocked the house) finished and walked off the stage with his band....the girls were handed the drum sticks and guitar picks from the set! Needless to say, there was no mosh pit....but we did walk away with lots of memories....


Kate Carney said...

How great for your girls at the David Cook concert. I love that Sophie calls the dogs "bloody murder dogs." How many four year olds would have a clue. Cute picture of Evie and Sophie in the firemen hats.

Keep breathing only two more birthdays this month, then you can relax (!) until Christmas. With your schedule there is no relaxing, but you can hope and wish.

Heather said...

I think that is so awesome! People can be so rude and I don't think you were out of line taking your daughters to a DC concert. He has such positive music and is a positive role model. I'm glad they walked away with goodies to remember the time by. Those ladies could have ruined things, but a few people can make the bad memories go away so quickly! Congrats and glad you had a blast! (We've had similar situations at some concerts and we always get better seats in the end! Helps that I'm so short! hehehe)

terisplace said...

Just stopping by. :)
That is so cool for your girls. What a great memory for them.



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