Sunday, June 22, 2008

Watermark: Kathy K

Kathy contacted me for a watermark for her Stampin' Up! items. This is the design we thought would suit her style. What do you think? Watermark bundles are still only $10. Two colors (you pick the colors) and one design.

In a separate note, there was a posting on Splitcoast about someone taking photos of items off SCS to put up for sale in their ETSY store. The nerve of some people! {shakes head} Luckily the situation was resolved quickly and the harvested photographs were removed from the Etsy store. If you are an avid papercrafter or blogger, please take the time to watermark your creations. There are unethical people out there who have no problems taking photographs and claiming them as their own. If you would like a sample watermark to try with your own photo editing software, please contact me at


Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy on SCS) said...

Hi Beth ~~

I have to admit I never visited your old blog ~~ just too many blogs & too little time ~~ but I was saddened to hear what happened with your domain. I figured out who it was & must say I'm shocked!!!! That *anyone* would do that is terrible, but her? Yikes ~~ & now the whole stolen photos on Etsy ~~ what is this world coming to?? **sigh** I just wanted to let you know I feel for you, & am sorry for what you went through ~~ & I'm one of those naughty girls who doesn't use watermarks!!! LOL!!!! Thanks for taking the high road through all of this!!!

Neva said...

Beth, this is so cute, may have to get one for myself.

StampinAngelJenn said...

Hi there - I'm so sorry about your awful experiences with your domain name and website...glad to see you make a fresh start and not let her bring you down. Keep up the good work! Peace, Jenn

Beverly aka beestamper said...

love this watermark. I have a question.. would I have to have printshop in order to use the watermarks that you create.. how, do I merge the two? Currently I just type on my photo using the paint program - pathetic right? Please let me know... if this is something that I can do without having printshop, I would be interested in commissioning you to make one of these for me along with a banner for my blog... I sent you a pm on SCS also.. I'll wait to hear from you.

Lisa_in_AR said...

Thanks for the info Beth. I've been wondering how people handle this situation; what do you do if you make a card using more than one manufacturer's stamps? (The card contains both PTI and SU images) What would you do with the watermark? Is it acceptable to have your watermark say "designed by Mary Smith" and then include specifics in your "recipe"?

Kathy Kartak said...


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my new watermark! I finally figured out how to add it to my photos (with the help of the free GIMP download). Thanks for creating a beautiful watermark--and for all the technical help for this avowed non-techie!



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