Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The end is in sight!!!

The school year is nearly complete. Can you imagine the whirlwind of end of year things that we go through in this house. Birthdays (Todd), Class field trips, picnics, rights of passage. These past few weeks were amazingly fun!

Here is Bella this morning. This was her last day of Kindergarten. What an amazing year she had - the most wonderful teacher, great friends, awesome class! She has grown so much in the past school year. I am so proud of her! (holding a handmade card for her bus driver)

The only downside to this week was Xavier's horrible haircut He was given a trim last weekend and it was completely uneven in the front. Tasia took him to the barber to have them trim it up on top (high and tight) and they completely buzzed off the entire top of his head. He got so upset "My hair isn't red anymore!" Well buddy, it's just not there! It's still red! He is such a ham. He found an American Girl Doll crown and put it on his little peach fuzz and posed for me! I don't know if he was more upset that he got a bad buzz or they didn't give him a lollipop!

Here is Victoria (aka Little Mama) with Genevieve at the park (at the second grade picnic). Victoria and her bestest friends took turns holding Genevieve. She is the only girl to have a little sister (little enough to hold), so they were all ga-ga over holding Genni at the park.

Karen went to NYC with Todd last week. They had beautiful weather as they rode The Beast in the harbor. Here she is next to Lady Liberty! She and Todd also went to the Central Park Zoo (a great hour and a half tour) if you want to go somewhere FUN and inexpensive in the city. Karen adored the big fat polar bear!

Sophie enjoyed going on the swings at the MANY picnics we have attended in the past few weeks. Here she is flying high at the 2nd Grade picnic last week. She really enjoyed the water balloon toss with her brother. She is now learning to PUMP! Woohoo!

Enjoy every moment! They grow up so fast.

{clinks glass of ice water}



Debbie said...

Super Cute! Look at the Buzz on Xavier! It looks great! I'm still laughing from the comment the other night!! Man he's cute. I didn't know Karen went to the city! FUN FUN! Great shots of all of 'em Beth!

Stefanie Staniak said...

I so happy that you got around to posting pictures. I love looking at your babies. Look at those legs on Sophie - she, as well as the others- are growing up to fast! Beautiful pictures and beautiful children as always! :)

Littlekel90 said...

What cute pictures. You have adorable children, and great camera skills to capture the moments. :) Kel

Anonymous said...

These pictures of your children are absoleutly the most adorable pictures i have ever seen.



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