Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going Green!

This is the year that Todd and I are going to reduce our carbon footprint. Together, we decided that we needed to do something, so we researched installing solar panels in the backyard. We put in a large panel, which is the perfect for our size home, with enough extra to actually send back to the power company. Today there was an article published in the local paper. Here is an online version:
{Solar Panel Article}

I find myself walking around the house shutting off lights and trying to conserve energy. Have you thought of ways to help reduce your carbon footprint?

144 solar panels, a bunch of steel and some engineers!


sillyleann said...

This is awesome! We are starting the idea process for our new home on 10 acres that includes many "green" elements. I have been researching, reading, thinking, and praying. I have read so many "reports" of what does and doesn't work. I hope you will update with your thoughts soon. Although not a tree-hugged out right, I am concerned and love doing what I can.

donna said...

I am in awe of those beautiful panels. I would love to see more panels on public buildings and new construction. Keep us updated on how much energy they generate for you and your community.


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