Monday, August 1, 2011

Drop the M! Now

Three years ago (after an unfortunate incident when someone decided to take my blog name!)...I purchased a website domain name corresponding to my freckledandfun blog (to redirect people to my blog easier). I purchased the domain name with my credit card and over the past three years, the credit card number has changed (probably several times). Lost credit cards reissued, bank security cards arrived on a regular basis. Fast forward to the middle of the night on August 1, when Go Daddy went to "auto-renew" and the credit card wouldn't go through... so they cancelled my website altogether. Frustrating! Within hours of the cancellation, someone in Romania decided to grab the website....Probably to try and solicit me and get money out of me.....

So now, I am dropping the M -- and I have a .co account for easy access to all things freckledandfun! It is the newest, global website extention!

Please feel free to update your blog roll if I was on it -- thank you!

Enjoy every single moment of today!!!!!!


Terri said...

Sounds like an I-Carly episode.

Dani B said...

Oh! That's a total bummer! I'm going to have to keep that in mind. I have about a dozen sites at GoDaddy for various business stuff and I certainly can't afford to lose them. Gotta update the credit card NOW!

Debbie Corbari said...

You sound so european now! lol! I don't know why! I was on the phone last month with Go Daddy and the sales rep was trying to convince me that .co was the hottest new trend. I was skeptical. But now that YOU have it...I will re-think it! lol!

Sharli said...

I tried to update my bookmark and it wouldn't do it - it just keeps dragging me back to your blogspot url. I'm not much of a techy, but I would hate to lose track of you - your art inspires me a LOT!


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