Friday, July 17, 2009

Such A Busy Summer: Walking with Dinosaurs...

There has been *SO* much going on since June that I feel like I could hardly breathe, let alone craft and create! On June 21, we went to Walking with Dinosaurs with the was Father's day, and Todd didn't mind one bit. The kids *LOVED* it and I thought it was such a GREAT production!

It was amazing to me that they put together such a FINE show and were able to keep *EVERYONE* just mesmerized throughout the show....

It was really REALLY loud, so if you are planning on going, keep that in mind! Xavier got a t-rex haircut just for the occasion!

He also brought Olive, his stuffed t-rex along. He said, Olive misses his family and wanted to see them....

Todd and I love watching the kids faces as they see something new and fun......and let me tell you, the kids were just AMAZED. Sometimes I saw Xavier burying his face in Olive during a particularly loud scene!
Even Karen and Victoria gave the show a good rating!

I will admit, I could see it being a nightmare for any child who had a fear of dinosaurs....the animals were SO lifelike and the Brontosaurus appeared to be able to reach down and touch us!

How can we possibly top this for Father's day next year???

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Michelle said...

I loved your pictures. Isn't this show amazing?! I saw it last year when it came to Detroit. I just loved mom and I went and had a great time.


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