Monday, February 6, 2012

Hope & Love! A wonderful weekend!

This is the third year that I have co-chaired an event called the Hope & Love Ball for Hannah's Hope Fund. This year we hit it out of the park with our Mardi Gras Masquerade theme! People had so much fun. Check out the Times Union photos {here}. I was also interviewed by the local news: {YNN: Hope & Love Ball}... Our local community has rallied behind this family and the results have been so incredible! Here we are right before the Ball - the kids come to the event dressed up and then go home and have a nice quiet evening. Todd, Xavier & I stay for the event!

We are blessed to have FotoMagic come to the event and donate their time to making really fun magnets. This year, the kids grabbed some props and got silly!

It was another incredible night - we raised a bunch of money - ate delicious food and 370+ strong stood silently as Dr. Steven Gray gave us the wonderful and inspirational update on his progress! Just days after the meeting with the FDA, the crowd learned that the delivery system for a GAN cure is mere months away from possibly happening.

Here is my amazing husband (with whom I co-chaired the event) and my son Xavier, who escorted Hannah to the Ball.

How could we possibly top that night - well, watching our beloved New York Giants come back and win the Super Bowl made the weekend one of the most memorable we have ever shared as a family!

We were up singing Frank Sinatra's "New York, NY" and Queen's "We are the Champions" in the back yard at about 11:00 at night!

Enjoy every single moment of today!!!!!!


Gabby said...

TFS your family moments! Glad the ball went so well. Noble cause. Great pics of your family celebrating NY's win! Cheers! :)

Sue Ann said...

SO HAPPY your husband is all better!!! And girl the GIANTS win was AMAZING ~ I am wearing my Giants shirt to the school tomorrow for volunteering ....... TONS of New England and San Francisco fans .......

Debbi said...

Bethie what a wonderful event!! I bet Hannah was happy to have such a handsome escort!!

Joan B said...

wow, your husband looks great!! I agree. Eli rocks!!!


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